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Fingertip Smashed in Car Door, Subungual Hematoma Relieved with Hot Cautery! YouTube

One of the most frequently asked questions nowadays, though, deals with slamming car doors. Some people want to know whether it's possible to damage your car by doing it and if it will cost them a lot of money for maintenance because of it. According to Car Roar, the answer to both of those is a resounding yes.

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So let's talk about both of these options. 1. Pad the Door with a Rubber, Butyl Gasket. Most cars already have rubber or butyl gaskets along the inside of the doors, and sometimes on the car body too. These materials are there to protect the metal from damage as well as to weatherproof the car.

kid hand or finger pinched by the car door; close up portrait of finger pinched, slammed by the

Dr.PRASHANTKUMAR Consultant Orthopedic SurgeonSH MEDICAL CENTER KOTTAYAM 8yr old boy came with Hand Stuck/slammed in Car Door| how to deal.


A 48-year-old woman presents to the urgent care center with complaints of right hand pain second-ary to an injury she sustained earlier in the day. Her hand was accidentally caught in a metal door as it was being shut by someone else. The door struck her in the middorsal aspect of her hand. She is now complaining of pain and swelling.

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A: Slamming a car door repeatedly can cause various damages over time, such as loosening the hinges, denting the body, or damaging the latch mechanism. The severity of the damage depends on the force of the slam and the condition of the door. Slamming a car door once in a while may not cause immediate damage, but doing it frequently can lead to.

kid hand or finger pinched by the car door; close up portrait of finger pinched, slammed by the

Immediate Treatment. To reduce pain and swelling, apply an ice pack to the affected area and keep your hand raised above the level of your heart. Continue applying ice for up to 20 minutes at a time, removing the pack whenever numbness sets in. If ice is not available, soak your fingers in cold water to achieve the same effect.

Can Slamming Your Car Door Damage Your Vehicle?

Home Treatment for Car Door Smashed Fingers. The first thing you should do after smashing your fingers in a car door is ice the injury. Quickly put an ice pack or bag of frozen veggies onto your fingers to help numb the pain and help to lessen the swelling. Don't panic if your hand throbs and hurts as the quicker your heart is racing, the.

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Doctor: DrWalker. If you can't bend your fingers that I would recommend that you get an x-ray as soon as you can. . Ask Your Own Medical Question. Customer attachment 6/14/2022 9:42:24 PM Middle finger and thumb Customer attachment 6/14/2022 9:42:41 PM. Doctor: DrWalker. It is possible that you have a fracture in the joint space.

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When to Contact a Medical Professional. Seek medical attention right away for any of the following: The finger is bent and you can't straighten it. The skin is cut open and bone is exposed. You are unable to move or feel the tip of your finger. The injury involves the palm or any of the joints, such as a finger or the wrist.

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Immediately after smashing your finger in the door you should: -Place an ice pack on your finger (s) to help alleviate some of the pain and keep down swelling. -Elevate the injured finger. If you let your finger dangle down by your side you actually increase swelling and worsen painful throbbing. -After a few minutes, try to use your finger to.


ICD 10 code for Caught, crushed, jammed, or pinched between stationary objects, initial encounter. Get free rules, notes, crosswalks, synonyms, history for ICD-10 code W23.1XXA.

Slammed my finger in the car door yesterday. The bruising was about half the size at the time

Slammed hand in car door. The NHTSA study found that an estimated 132,000 people per year are injured while closing a vehicle door. An estimated 2,000 people have a body part injured while closing a window. If you slam a hand, finger or other body part in a closing car door or window, the injury should be covered if you have personal injury.

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Ice. Very gently apply an ice pack or compress wrapped in a hand towel or cloth to the injured finger for 10-minute intervals with 20-minute breaks, several times daily. Never expose the skin.

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Soak a bruised finger in cold water. Submerge your finger for up to 20 minutes for pain relief. A bruised finger can be super painful, but you can get some relief simply by cooling it down. Fill a bowl with cold water and stick your hand in it for up to 20 minutes at a time.

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Most of the time, when a finger gets caught in a door, the extent of the injury consists of some swelling and bruising of the soft tissue and underlying bones. Immediately after the trauma occurs, you should soak the smashed finger in cold water and take some acetaminophen or ibuprofen to help reduce the pain and swelling.


A break of the bones between the wrist and knuckles. A fractured (broken) metacarpal is a common injury of the hand. A metacarpal fracture affects one or more of the five metacarpal bones that run from the wrist ( carpal ) bones to the knuckles. An impact injury, such as a fall or blow to the hand, is usually the cause of a metacarpal fracture.

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