1988 Isuzu IMark Information and photos MOMENTcar

For Sale An Isuzu IMark Turbo RS "The Giugiaro"

You knew him, you loved him, you learned to live without him, but let's give a twentieth-anniversary shoutout anyway to the man who gave the Isuzu I-Mark car.

Isuzu IMark RS TwinCam Party Like It's 1989 Old Motors

I-Mark Talk about Isuzu I-Mark related topics here. New Thread Subscribe . Filters ; Page 1 of 2. 1. 2 > Threads in Forum: I-Mark. Forum Tools Search this Forum . Rating Thread / Thread Starter. Last Post. Replies. Views. Buying a 89 I Mark. Blkjack on 04-09-2023. 04-09-2023 09:22 PM by Blkjack. 0. 396. Looking to buy a 1989 I-Mark RS.

1985 Isuzu IMark Information and photos MOMENTcar

This video accompanies my Road and track article. http://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/news/a27876/the-1988-isuzu-gemini-geo-spectrum-was-the-poor-mans-vo.

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Learn more about Rare Coupe: 63K-Mile 1981 Isuzu I-Mark on Bring a Trailer, the home of the best vintage and classic cars online.

Isuzu IMark RS TwinCam Party Like It's 1989 Old Motors

The turbocharged I-Mark RS was a bargain-bin, pint-sized sports sedan for the time. 110 hp wasn't much even then, but for a 1.5-liter, 2,000 pound car, it was plenty. The Turbo came to the USA in 1987, and you could get it on either the hatchback or sedan. Though it's the RS Twin-Cam that's our primary focus here, the turbo actually had.

Isuzu IMark RS TwinCam Party Like It's 1989 Old Motors

1981 Isuzu I-Mark Diesel. When you start looking at the General Motors family tree, things really start getting weird when you get to the part of the diagram that deals with the T-Body platform.

1983 Isuzu IMark Information and photos MOMENTcar

The Isuzu Gemini is a subcompact car produced by the Japanese automaker Isuzu from 1974 until 2000. The same basic product was built and/or sold under several other names, sometimes by other General Motors brands, in various markets around the world. While the first generation was of a rear-wheel drive design, later versions were all front-wheel-drive, and the last two generations were no more.

Isuzu IMark RS TwinCam Party Like It's 1989 Old Motors

Isuzu's I-Mark RS Turbo had a checkered history and an international identity crisis. Perhaps it comes as no surprise that the 1985-89 Isuzu I-Mark was one iteration of a global-platform vehicle wearing multiple hats across multiple continents. But unlike the "global" Ford Escort from 1980, the I-Mark wore different names depending on.

1988 Isuzu IMark Information and photos MOMENTcar

110 screaming Isuzu horsepower here. 110 turbocharged horsepower doesn't sound like much, but the '87 I-Mark's curb weight was well under a ton. The 1987 Honda CRX Si, considered a fairly quick.

1981 Isuzu IMark Information and photos MOMENTcar

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The Chevrolet 500 pickup variant lasted until 1995 in South America.) Meanwhile, the Gemini's 1985 replacement switched to front-wheel drive; the awkward I-Mark name continued in the States. It also sold here as the Chevrolet/Geo Spectrum. The last-generation Gemini, indeed Isuzu's last sedan to date, was sold here as the Stylus starting in 1990.

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The Isuzu Gemini was known as the I-Mark in North America and the RS was the hot hatch version for 1988 and 1989 for the second-generation cars. Jeff showed us one a couple of years ago here and it was a bit of a project car unlike the car for sale here. Project car or a jump-in driver, they're few and far between, sort of like teeth on a hen.

1988 Isuzu IMark RS Turbo

The I-Mark name passed on after 1989, and for 1990 the new-generation Isuzu Gemini would take the Impulse (Geo Storm / Asuna Sunfire) name in North America. Our cheapest Rare Ride ever, this excellent condition example is for sale to the southeast of Los Angeles. It has under 95,000 miles, and is asking $1,641.

1981 Isuzu IMark Information and photos MOMENTcar

The Isuzu I-Mark Turbo RS. The Isuzu I-Mark Turbo RS was the top of the line model in the second generation Isuzu Gemini model family, a model family that had been initially designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro. After Giugiaro had finalized the styling it was sent to GM for approval, and this is where things began to go awry.

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1988 Isuzu IMark Information and photos MOMENTcar

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