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Chrysler kept stretching the basic K-car platform, redesigning the New Yorker for 1989 on a 104.3-inch wheelbase and offering 38.9 inches of rear legroom. The following year, a further five-inch stretch gave the New Yorker Fifth Avenue and revived Imperial nearly 42 inches of rear legroom, which the Imperial brochure touted as more than a long.

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K Cars - All you need to know about them. POSTED 2019.06.11. Ahhhh… the Japanese K-car (also known as Kei Cars) is such a fascinating creature. They are just regular sized car just like a BMW Mini but at the same time different. But unlike the Mini, they are a common sight in Japan.

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Kステーション JapaneseClass.jp

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The K Car via Curbside Classic Iacocca knew what to do with the Chrysler lineup. After years of working with other car companies, he saw where cars could be made better and costs could be cut by sharing parts among multiple vehicles.

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The car is currently listed on eBay and the seller is asking $24,900 (£18,602 / €20,902). That might be a bit steep, but they're willing to entertain "realistic offers."

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The K-car platform was a key automotive design platform introduced by Chrysler Corporation for the 1981 model year, featuring a transverse engine, front-wheel drive, independent front and semi-independent rear suspension configuration—a stark departure from the company's previous reliance on solid axle, rear-drive unibody configurations during t.

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Katzkin cloth replacement leather interiors completely transform the look and feel of your entire vehicle. Our network of professional installers will remove the cloth from your front and rear seats and replace it with your new Katzkin interior, including the door panels and center console covering (depending on the vehicle).

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Based on an article by Aaron Gold. The original K-cars, the Plymouth Reliant and Dodge Aries, brought traditional engineering to the front wheel drive layout. They were not as modern as the company's own Horizon and Omni, but they had a more solid feel, a smoother ride, and a more American flavor.

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The K-car dash looked recycled from a 60's Plymouth, but w/o all the nice extra gauges. Actually the whole car looked like a FWD remake of the Valiant/Dart.. They could also be quite pleasant on the higher-end models which had better seats and nicer interior furnishings. They also didn't have the design or quality issues of the X-cars.

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K-Cars, also known as Kei Cars, are a type of small car that is somewhat of a trend in Japan. These mini vehicles are designed to be compact, efficient, and affordable. The Japanese government introduced the Kei Car category in the 1940s to address post-war economic challenges and promote affordable mobility.

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Being a smoker car, the interior needed to be taken out at and shampooed; antifreeze was in the carpet so we went to the junk yard and pulled the carpet from a 1987 Dodge Aries LE, and the rear bumper from a 1988 Plymouth Reliant LE. About a year later we added new paint on the roof. Put all of this together you get a prize winning show car.

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Cargo. The Kia K5 provides 16 cubic feet of trunk space, which is a bit above average for the midsize car class. The wide opening makes it easier to load bulky objects, and the low liftover height is a help if you have to stow something heavy. You'll have to step up to at least the LXS trim to get a split-folding rear seat.

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Volvo Average Interior Score: 7.3/10 Volvo's long been known for no-nonsense Swedish styling, inside and out, though that doesn't necessarily mean basic. Top-notch materials and quality tech.

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