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2g sunset & OnStar shutdown. Am I the only one upset about the 2G sunset and GM not making upgrades available for older vehicles? My 2014 CTS Coupe is losing features that I paid for, that were valuable to me. Automatic crash response - knowing help would be on the way even if I were unconscious during a crash - was one of the reasons I bought.

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GM-Trucks.com has exclusively learned OnStar is scheming up a plan to allow model year 2015 and older vehicles a way to continue to use OnStar services when 2G data networks sunset. 2014 Chevrolet Silverado The plan revolves around two parts. A connection module, which we know very little about, and the OnStar Guardian app.

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Read here to find support for OnStar features and products like Super Cruise, the Guardian app, & more. onstar and connected services. You are currently viewing Chevrolet.com (United States).. Will the 2G network sunset affect my services? Will the 3G network sunset affect my services? How do I change or cancel my OnStar plan?

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Received email last week that my Onstar's have been deactivated (have two), 7 weeks before the official 2G sunset (verified with the cell carrier). Called Onstar and representative said they have lost over a million customers and most are not interested in the Guardian application when emergency notification software for cellphones (detects.

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T-Mobile will finish shutting down Sprint's 3G network, also known as CDMA, on March. 31, 2022, and retire Sprint's LTE network by June 30, 2022. T-Mobile also plans to shut down its 3G.

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Onstar Module (Gen 9) 2G network sunset. Granted, it's been a while since I've seen anyone ask about the CDMA shutdown affecting the Gen 9 Onstar Modules, but GM is indeed looking into options for vehicles with this module installed. Originally they planned to issue an ODB-II adapter but have cancelled that due to the current electronic parts.

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Owners and repairers can check to see if a vehicle is affected by the 2G network sunset by entering the vehicle identification number (VIN) at the OnStar website. Once the network has been.

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With the sunset of 2G cellular network technology, older GM vehicles will no longer be compatible with OnStar Connected Services. Now, a new online petition has been created demanding that.

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According to OnStar, the affected vehicles from this network upgrade (a.k.a. 2G network sunset) cover certain 2015 model year and older GM vehicles, including former GM brands, such as.

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All impacted vehicles received a network update to protect them from the 3G sunset, and OnStar will continue to deploy over-the-air software updates throughout 2022 to ensure an optimal experience for Members. A small number of 2015 model year vehicles with an inactive or disabled OnStar system will require an OnStar hardware replacement if.

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In Canada, the 2G network was deactivated in December 2015. Prior to the Canadian 2G network sunset, a program was created to provide OnStar hardware upgrades for many impacted vehicles. Eligible vehicles could be upgraded to 3G or 4G hardware (depending on vehicle model). The hardware program ran from 2015 through 2021 but has now ended.

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What is the 2G network sunset and how does it affect my OnStar service? As cellular carriers transition to 4G or 5G connectivity, vehicles using a 2G connection will lose OnStar service. In the U.S., most major network providers will complete the transition in December 2022. After the transition, 2G network connectivity will no longer be provided.

Older GM vehicles to lose connection to OnStar with sunset of 2G

GM Vehicles equipped with 2G hardware will lose their direct connection to OnStar services at the end of December 2022, with the sunset of 2G. GM is offering a phone application called Guardian to replace some of these services, but this is not acceptable.

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