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The Peugeot 208 has a length of 4055 mm, a height of 1430 mm, a width of 1745 mm without the exterior mirrors and a measurement of 1960 millimeters with the mirrors unfolded. Motorization: diesel, petrol and electric. The electric model is called e-208 and has a boot space of 265* liters.

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Peugeot 208 II 1.2 PureTech 75 Technical Specs 2023: 75 PS (74 hp); Petrol;Average consumption:4.1 l/100km (57 MPG);Length:405.5cm (159.65 inches); Width:174.5cm (68.7 inches); Height:143cm (56.3 inches)

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Peugeot 208 100KW Active Premium + 50KWH 5DR Auto:. 208 Hatchback (2019) specifications for each derivative; Title 0-62 CO2 BHP MPG. These are Top Gear's most popular car reviews of 2023. 8 10.

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The new PEUGEOT 208 has been reinvented: a new, more assertive face, the latest Full LED Technology light signature at the front and LED at the rear, as well as new rims. And to explore new horizons, its electric motor boasts a range up to 248 miles WLTP. Combined fuel efficiency: 5,1 l/km Combined C02 emissions: 114 g/km

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The 2023 Peugeot 208 is a great little car with an exterior and interior, equipped with a generous level of equipment and a fantastic EV look. The entry-level Active Premium designs have basic features at a fairly easy level are still well-equipped. Peugeot 208 comes with a 7.0-inch touch infotainment system that consists of 16-inch alloy.

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1 Introduction 2 Driving 3 Interior 4 Practicality 5 Accessibility & Motability 6 Buying & owning SPECIAL OFFER Don't miss out on Peugeot's 0% APR offer in December Find out more Open Gallery.

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Peugeot 208 | Technical Specs, Fuel consumption, Dimensions, Power, Maximum speed, Torque, Acceleration 0 - 100 km/h, Engine displacement, Drive wheel, Tires size, Body type, Doors, Seats. Peugeot 208 II (Phase II, 2023) 2023 - Hatchback Power: from 75 to 156 Hp | Dimensions: 4055 x 1745 x 1430 mm: Peugeot 208 II (Phase I, 2019)

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£16,065 - £34,220 £ 200 p/m with 7 10 Read why you can trust our independent reviews Top Gear Team Published: 05 Apr 2022 Overview Driving Interior Buying Specs & Prices 1 / 15 " A.

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Choose a Peugeot 208 II (Facelift 2023) version from the list below to get information about engine specs, horsepower, CO2 emissions, fuel consumption, dimensions, tires size, weight and many other facts. Notice also the plus sign to access the comparator tool where you can compare up to 3 cars at once side by side. Key Specs

Peugeot e208 GT Finance Available Walkers Peugeot

For Sale Used Prices Lease deals Found the Peugeot 208 of your dreams? Now you want to know all about it! With the help of Parkers, you can find out all of the key specs about the Peugeot 208 from fuel efficiency in MPG and top speed in MPH, to running costs, dimensions, data and lots more.

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The {carro} can reach 0 to 100 km/h (0 to 62 mph) in 14.9 seconds and has a top speed of 102 mph. Peugeot 208 II (Facelift 2023) 1.2 PureTech 75 Technical Specs 2023: 75 PS (74 hp); Petrol;Average consumption: l/100km ( MPG);Length:405.5cm (159.65 inches); Width:174.5cm (68.7 inches); Height:143.0cm (56.3 inches)

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Drivetrain and Performance. The Peugeot e-208 is a full electric vehicle (BEV). The maximum power of the Peugeot e-208 is 100 kW (134 hp). The maximum torque is 192 lb-ft. The Peugeot e-208 is front wheel drive and can accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in an estimated 8.1 seconds. The top speed is 93 mph.

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Peugeot 208 Allure 2023 - a detailed preview of one of the last Peugeot 208s before the Facelift. It has a new EAT8 automatic transmission selector with pa.

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Rated 4.6/5 from 48,383 reviews This is the new Peugeot 208, and the already stylish supermini has been given some design tweaks as well as some new engine options for 2023. Read on for all you need to know. New Peugeot 208 on sale now Petrol versions cost from £20,400 Electric e-208 starts at £32,400 Updated styling for the small car

Peugeot 208 sizes and dimensions guide carwow

2022 Peugeot 208 Prime Selection 1.2 PureTech AT 2021 Peugeot 208 Allure 1.5 BlueHDI AT 2021 Peugeot 208 Prime 1.2 PureTech AT 2021 Peugeot 208 Active 1.2 PureTech Manual 2021 Peugeot 208 Active 1.2 PureTech AT 2021 Peugeot 208 Active 1.5 BlueHDI AT 2021 Peugeot 208 Allure 1.2 PureTech AT 2021

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Jeep's subcompact SUV has been a fixture on our featured deals lists for some time now, but the 2023 model in particular benefits (well, somewhat) from a new 200-horsepower, turbocharged 2.0.

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