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It might be causing the issue. Audacity Buffer Settings: Buffer in the latency settings is when the sound starts after hitting the record button. If it's not according to the recommended milliseconds, it will pause the recording in Audacity. Project Rate: The project rate is how many times per second the Audacity software records your sound.

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Popular Articles. How can I listen to my local sports team's play-by-play broadcast? In order to hear a sports play-by-play broadcast on Audacy, there are two factors that determine.

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Download the Audacy and Waze Apps. 2. Open the Waze App. 3. Tap the Audio icon. 4. Accept Integration. 5 .Listen to all your favorite Audacy stations. Click "Show List" down arrow to access all of your recent, local and favorited stations.

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Which Windows? You're recording a YouTube presentation and a game and your live voice? I can easily imagine some of the Audacity control keystrokes overlapping the other events. Audacity traditionally Doesn't Play well with Others. It assumes it's the only audio program running and has no provision to survive control collisions.

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iPhone & iPad What if the Audacy App Won't Play in the Background on my iPhone/iPad? 9 months ago Ensure the background app refresh is enabled under your device Settings > Audacy then restart your device. Please contact support if you are still experiencing issues.

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Music stops whenever phone locks! Why? Whenever I shut my phone off the music stops. Or really I can't hear the music playing but the song is still playing. Only with my screen off.

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An Overview Of The Stoppage Frustrated by the fact that your Audacity refuses to record audio for more than several minutes? Then you may want to spare some time to take a look at this article. Down below is everything you must keep in mind about the recording stoppage of Audacity. The Root Of The Problem

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1. Output device configuration is incorrect A lot of computers have multiple audio output devices. If your speakers or headphones are connected to one audio device but Audacity is configured to use a different device, you won't hear any sound from Audacity.

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Audacity Help Forum Windows TheDevinBro February 8, 2021, 6:29pm 1 Audacity keeps crashing whenever I open any file type (except MIDIs) or play any audio file. Even when I finish recording something, it still crashes! I have version 2.4.2, and this started happening 3 months ago. Constant Not Responding Error TheDevinBro February 8, 2021, 6:34pm 2

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Why can't I find Audacy in Android Auto? Why won't my Android play Audacy in battery saving mode? How Do I Download the Audacy App on my Android Device? How do I update the Audacy app on my Android device? What Version of Android Should I Use? Do I need Google Chrome Installed to use Audacy? See all 9 articles iPhone & iPad

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Are you having issues? Select the issue you are having below and provide feedback to Audacy. Not working Photo/Video Audio Login Account Screen Something else. User reports: App has problems User reports 18 Jump To: Reviews Alternatives Contact Support Cancel/Delete Troubleshoot problems reported in the last 24 hours 24 hour clock

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Check your internet or data connection. Ensure you are connected to your network. Attempt to stream another video in your web browser. In the event you are still experiencing issues streaming in your browser, your mobile data might not be strong enough to play Audacy. Connect to wifi or wait until you're in an area with a better signal.

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2. Re-Install Audacity. If the problem is not related to the speakers then you have to move on to the next step. Your program might have encountered certain configuration errors due to which it is unable to play any audio. To get to the route of the problem you will have to perform many checks.

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Mozilla Firefox Ensure you are connected to a stable wireless or wired internet connection VPN's can slow the connection and disrupt playback. If a 'Stream Error' displays, or you continue having difficulty with streaming content, please reach out to our Support team specifying the station (s) the error is occurring on.

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Android prevents background activity to conserve battery whilst Battery Saver Mode is active. You can also find more information from Google addressing this by clicking here . Ensure your phone is not on Low Battery Mode/Power Saver Mode (or whitelist the app for low battery mode if available as a setting on your device)


"Icons" views have a direct link to Device Manager, as does "Classic View" on Windows Vista only. Then expand Sound, video and game controllers by clicking on the + sign, right-click over the sound device and click Update driver.. Click on the microphone icon to Start/Stop monitoring the audio level.

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